delightful / lemongrass mint


When I first got Delightful and Siam Disc together I thought that the two blended perfectly, elevating the home to a spa-scented paradise. With Bliss for desert, perhaps. I love Delightful for its unique botanical-herbal blend quite unlike anything I’ve had in my home.

Delightful is a gorgeous blend of lemongrass and mint

Size: 240 grams
Burn time: 35 hours

Wax Valley brings pleasant urban scents to life in these hand poured soy wax candles that burn with the brand's signature double wicks for a smooth, soot-free ambience. This collection is reminiscent of Thailand’s bustling heart, blending the herbal, floral and citrus worlds. Made from environmentally friendly soy wax with a long-lasting scent. scent.