nutmeg jasmine cedar candle + curved confetti vase gift set

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Umi is a calm, autumn day. A morning of sandals in the woods or wool blankets and cardigans indoors. It is you, curled up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea, infusing your space with the floral, fruity scent of nutmeg, jasmine and subtle notes of cedar. 

Size: 400g
Burn time: 70 hrs

Lellar is the Mediterranean, born with the aim of transforming houses into homes, with fewer products but of higher quality and bigger meaning. Their candles and packaging follow eco-friendly processes and use only sustainable materials. Each glass container is made from repurposed glass and hand-painted with water-based paint. All wax used is 100% vegetal with a soy wax base. No paraffins are used and the mix is poured by hand. Products are wrapped in recycled paper and boxes are avoided to minimise the impact of packaging.


Size: 7.5cm ∅ x 8.5cm H

A lovely natural toned clay sprinkled with confetti designs and a matte finish. A lovely dainty piece for when a single stem speaks volumes. Handmade in Australia by Zakkia.