sweet amber candle + white brush mug gift set


Marimba is a little sweet, with subtle amber touches and an intoxicatingly fresh, woodsy scent. It’s one of my favourites and the very first Lellar candle I fell in love with while holidaying in Spain.

Size: 230g
Burn time: 50 hrs

Lellar was born with the aim of transforming houses into homes, filling homes with fewer products but of higher quality and bigger meaning. Their candles and packaging follow eco-friendly processes and use only sustainable materials. Each glass container is made from repurposed glass and hand-painted with water-based paint. All wax used is 100% vegetal with a soy wax base. No paraffins are used and the mix is poured by hand. Products are wrapped in recycled paper and boxes are avoided to minimise the impact of packaging. 

Size: 8cm wide x 8.5cm tall

These mugs are our ceramic kindred spirit. Ok that’s rubbish but we so adore these stoneware mugs. Raw to the touch (unless made glossy), very rustic and a perfect weekend breakfast at home companion.

Each piece is wheel thrown and made completely by hand, and therefore unique due to the differences in decorative markings. Variances in size and finish and flaws in this aesthetic are intended. Treat your piece with care and hand wash for longevity. Ceramics by Paige Mitchell.