In Kind Company is a lifestyle centred around self-care at home, radiating beyond the beauty of the physical self into the enveloping comfort and inspiration of the physical home space.

We are often so rushed at home that the little things can bring us joy are seen of as just another commodity. We believe in mindful living - however fast or slow you want to be - but always living a little larger, owning a little less but more meaningful, multi-functional items. Whether it's cooking for yourself, with friends, or even if you're bringing your work home for the night, we’re here to elevate the experience of time at home to self-care.

All our pieces are curated with the intention of multi-functionality, so we may never offer a full dinner set with matching cutlery. Our intention is that you set space for the unexpected little things that make up your collection, that tell your story.

We work with partners who share that vision, and all our products are proudly sourced from artisans around the world. Everything is selected according to our ethos of functionality + self-care, meaning we're not interested in things that will just look pretty that you're not going to use.

Most of all, we want what we offer to be fun. We’re not about the fancy table settings with a different fork for every dish. We don’t always have to only be a minimalist or an eclectic style. Sometimes we’re both, and that’s ok. We much prefer you mix and match as you please to tell a story that’s your own.