Frequently Asked Questions


My product looks a bit different than on the site.

The beauty of our products is that almost every piece is handmade. All handmade ceramic mugs or dishes are lovingly designed and crafted by an artist and no two will be exactly alike. Due to the handmade nature of every piece, variations in size, colour, finish and surface imperfections should be expected.

Are your tablewares food safe?

Yes, all our products are food safe and microwaveable, though we recommend hand-washing and avoiding high temperatures to ensure the longevity of your pieces. Please do not put your ceramics on an open flame over the stove, either. Ceramics are sturdy but also inherently breakable so please don’t test it by throwing it against a wall.


There is a brand/product I bought previously that doesn’t seem available any longer. Will you bring it back?

We are constantly curating brands and products to showcase and sometimes a brand or product may go out of rotation once it is out of stock. If there is something you strongly advocate for, please reach out to us through our contact page, and we’ll see about bringing it back. 



I’m looking for the jars/travel/tealight version of a candle. Do you have those available?

Please reach out to us if you love a particular product and would love it in a different format (jars, tins or sample). Not every item will carry these variations but we’re happy to provide where possible.

I can’t smell the scent of a candle after I’ve lit it!

Burn the candle for an hour to allow the wax to melt and the scent to evaporate. A roughly 200g candle is suitable for 10 square meter of space. To minimise the “burning smell” when you’re done using your candle, put out the flame with a candle snuffer or candle lid to cut oxygen supply to the flame.

Why should I trim the wick of my candle?

The optimal length of a wick should be roughly 0.5cm. If the wick is long and overburnt (from repeated lighting and untrimmed), it creates a large flame, heavy smoke and impacts the burning quality of the candle.

Are there chemicals in the candles?

We’ve sourced partners who create clean burning (no soot means cleaner air), chemical-free, eco-friendly candles. They are made from a vegetal or soy base, containing no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants that may trigger allergies.