siam disc + black brush planter gift set


Siam Disc is a gorgeous blend of citrus and jasmine, elevating the home to a spa-scented paradise. 

Size: 240 grams
Burn time: ~ 35 hours. 

Wax Valley brings the most pleasant urban scents to life in these hand poured soy wax candles that burn with the brand's signature double wicks for a smooth, soot-free ambience. This collection is reminiscent of Thailand’s bustling heart, blending the herbal, floral and citrus worlds. Made from environmentally friendly soy wax with a long-lasting scent. 


Size: 6cm x 6cm 
Holds about 120ml (1/2 cup)


How cute are these pots? Use them as pen holders, planters, for peppercorns, table salt. If you’ve got a use, these will make it look gorgeous on your table. At this size we’ve used them for sake. They're food-safe, but not microwaveable.


Each piece is wheel thrown and made completely by hand, and therefore unique due to the differences in decorative markings. Variances in size and finish and flaws in this aesthetic are intended. Treat your piece with care and hand wash for longevity. Ceramics by Paige Mitchell.